Razerstore Merchandising Intern

Posted on Sept. 15, 2023 by InternPlug

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Job Description

Joining Razer will place you on a global mission to revolutionize the way the world games. Razer is a place to do great work, offering you the opportunity to make an impact globally while working across a global team located across 5 continents. Razer is also a great place to work, providing you the unique, gamer-centric #LifeAtRazer experience that will put you in an accelerated growth, both personally and professionally. Job Responsibilities :
  • Assortment Planning: Collaborate with the merchandising team to assist in the selection and curation of product assortments. Conduct market research to identify emerging trends and consumer preferences.
  • Inventory Management: Aid in monitoring inventory levels, tracking product performance, and recommending restocking or discontinuation of items.
  • Competitor Analysis: Conduct competitive analysis by researching competitor merchandising strategies, pricing, and product offerings. Provide insights and recommendations for staying competitive in the market.
  • Sales and Promotion Support: Assist in monitoring sales performance and the effectiveness of promotions and pricing strategies. Contribute to the preparation of promotional materials and signage.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze sales data and customer feedback to identify opportunities for improvement. Assist in generating reports and presenting findings to the merchandising team.
  • Communication: Maintain clear and effective communication with cross-functional teams, including Marketing, VM, BU and planning team, to ensure alignment on merchandising strategies.
  • Customer Engagement: Gather customer insights through feedback from retail team and observation to understand preferences and trends. Use this information to enhance the shopping experience.
Pre-Requisites :
  • Currently enrolled in a relevant degree program, such as business, marketing, retail management, or a related field.
  • Strong analytical skills with proficiency in Microsoft Excel or data analysis tools.
  • Creative thinking and an eye for design and product presentation.
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Detail-oriented and organized, with the ability to manage multiple tasks.
  • Passion for retail and a keen interest in consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Adaptability and a willingness to learn and collaborate within a team.
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Advertised until:
Oct. 15, 2023

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